Pressure Washing In Cardiff

We also serve areas like Newport, Penarth, Caerphilly, Barry and most of South Wales!

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Residential And Commercial Pressure Washing

No 1 for pressure washing in Cardiff!

Overtime all surfaces that are exposed to the weather will begin to develop a grime build up, with things such as dirt, mud, moss and algae all becoming layered on, making it difficult to remove.

This can make your property look run down and surfaces can become hazardous or slippery when wet. With our pressure washing service we can restore your buildings exterior to it’s former glory.

Pressure Washing In Cardiff

Decking Pressure Washed

With pressure washing we can clean things such as, patios, driveways, building facades, walls, fences, decking, car parks, pathways, shop fronts, factories, warehouses, garage doors, etc.

We can clean surfaces such as, brick, stone, block paving, concrete, cladding and woodwork.

And we can also remove graffiti.

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And Fully Insured

To provide you with peace of mind we’ve taken out Public Liability insurance, which covers us up to £5 million.

Brick Cleaning In Cardiff

Brick walls and brick stairs can look great when the bricks are their natural colour of say red or yellow. Not when they turn green or are covered in dirt!

We can transform the look and feel of any brick work with our pressure washing or if needed using the appropriate chemicals.

Brick Cleaning In Cardiff

Woodwork Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Cardiff

It’s not just bricks or cladding that can benefit from our pressure washing, we can also get great results from woodwork.

We clean decking which can become extremely slippery when covered in moss or algae. We can also clean fences, sheds or any wood cladding you have.

Patio Cleaning In Cardiff

With our pressure washing we also offer a professional patio and block paving cleaning service.

While cleaning we’ll remove all weeds, moss, lichen and algae that have developed. If we’re carrying out work on block paving we can also re-sand to limit the regrowth of weeds.

Patio Cleaning In Cardiff

Driveway Cleaning In Cardiff

Driveway Cleaning In Cardiff

Having your driveway cleaned by us can have a massive impact on the general look and feel of your property.

We can help restore your driveways original finish and colour, remove any and all weeds, help prolong the prevention of algae and moss from re-appearing and re-sand any block paving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we give answers to the questions we get asked most. If the answer you want isn’t here, contact us! We’ll be glad to give you any assistance!

Are you insured?

You bet! To provide both you and us with peace of mind, we’ve taken out Public Liability insurance which covers us up to £5 million.

It’s worth noting, we’ve never had to put in a claim! (But it’s there in case!)

How much will it cost?

Price is always calculated on a job by job basis, simply because all jobs are unique!

We can give you a rough quote if you fill out the contact form here. The price we quote will be confirmed on arrival and you’ll be able to confirm if you’d like to go ahead.

Do you cover my area?

Are you in South Wales? Because if you are, then we probably cover your area.

We cover all of Cardiff.

And we also cover, Newport, Caerphilly, Penarth, Barry, Pontypridd and like we say, most of South Wales!

The best way to find out if we cover your area, is to fill out the contact form below!

I have a commercial / non-residential property, can you clean that too?

Absolutely, we do both residential AND commercial pressure washing in Cardiff.

We can clean shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs, bars, b+bs, hotels, offices, schools, supermarkets, apartment blocks, nursing homes, churches, leisure centers, etc.

Can I specify the day for cleaning?

Absolutely, we’ll work with you to find a day and time that best suits you, from the time slots we have available!

If there’s bad weather such as snow or thunderstorms, we may have to rearrange, but it take’s really bad weather, not just a bit of rain!

What payment methods do you accept?

To make it easy on you we accept multiple payment methods, such as cash, online payments or standing orders.

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